The Security Professionals, through the effective implementation of sustainable strategic competitive advantages, has developed the largest full service locksmith network in North America providing our partners with a consistent and comprehensive network of global dispatch, monitoring and business reporting systems. Founded by law enforcement officers in 1991.
The Security Professionals has grown to become nationally recognized as the North America’s largest and most trusted locksmith and security service, serving more than 8,500 communities.
The Security Professionals’ exponential growth in North America combined with continuing international growth will allow The Security Professionals to become the preferred security provider to major companies and organizations as well as individual families and small businesses.
Partner with a franchise you can trust...
State-of-the-Art technology
Strong revenue and wealth opportunities
Generates excellent ongoing income
Void of competition
Competitors are decreasing, while demand increases
The Security Professionals performs background checks and drug screens on all of our technicians and locksmiths to ensure security of our customers. The Security Professionals is looking forward to the opportunity of bringing the most trusted team of locksmiths to an area near you.
3 Major Revenue Streams:
As the largest mobile tech service provider in the world, Pop-A-Lock can provide customers’ needs with prompt response times and greater precision. Here are just a few examples of the many services Pop-A-Lock can offer customers at value prices.
*Recognized as Pop-A-Lock in USA
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