With over 100 franchises sold throughout the United States including major cities such as San Diego and Chicago, the company hopes to take advantage of Canada’s stable economy and what the company sees as a gap in the market for low-cost gym memberships.

The new location in Calgary, Alberta, which is scheduled to open in October, could be the first of many Canadian locations as the business attempts to kickstart its international presence.
“In Canada there’s not a lot of value-priced health clubs,” Randy Trotter, vice president of franchise development for Workout Anytime, told Global Atlanta. “We can offer a great workout for a lot less money.”
While value-priced health clubs like Workout Anytime typically do not offer juice bars, nurseries or other amenities that more pricey clubs may include, their marketing strategies center around middle-income customers. The 24-hour facilities also tend to share space with grocery stores in large shopping centers so that members can squeeze in a workout while they take care of errands.
The new location will try to retain the company’s low-cost model, but membership fees will be slightly adjusted to account for higher rents, a common move for other American-based businesses in Canada, Mr. Trotter said.
“Canadian real estate is more expensive than American real estate,” Mr. Trotter said. “It has been a challenge negotiating rent.”
Still, the company plans to use this first location in Alberta as a launching point for their long-term expansion throughout the region.
Dustin Taylor and his business partner Jeff Gellately are the master franchisees for the new location. Their position grants them the rights to open Workout Anytime centers in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
“It’s a glorious opportunity,” Mr. Gellately told Global Atlanta. “In our market, unemployment is as close to zero as you can get it and that’s pretty much the people who don’t work by choice. We have a very healthy economy for a workout facility with good quality equipment and low-cost membership.”
The business duo approached Mr. Trotter nearly six months ago about opening the gym and plans to open another location next year in the small community of Airdrie, just north of Calgary. Eventually, the two will shift their focus more toward advertising in effort to sell franchises.
“It’s pretty exciting to have your own thing to work with that’s a proven concept and model, “ Mr. Taylor said regarding Workout Anytime’s franchising opportunities. “It takes a lot of the headache out.”
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